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Church Vision

Have you Caught the Vision for our Church

Catching a vision for our church growth is essential to the advancing of the body of Christ.  As the word says in Proverbs 28:18 "Where there is no vision the people perish...." 

If you read in Haggai, the Lord is wanting people to build the Lord's house.  He desired to take pleasure in
it and He wanted to dwell in the midst of them and be glorified.  The people were saying it wasn't time.  They sat in their own homes that were nicely built.  As the Lord was speaking through Haggai, He was telling them to consider their ways.

Pastor Stoker preaches with anointing and authority.  The Word causes us,  even at this hour, to look at ourselves and consider our ways.  Where are our eyes?  Has satan robbed us of our vision as we slept?  Our mouth and our hands, has satan been allowed to bind those as well?  Without our eyes we cannot catch the vision that God has for our church.

Eventually, the people obeyed the voice of the Lord and the words that Haggai had brought and they feared the Lord.  It goes on to say not the Lord Stirred Up their Spirits and they came and did the work in the house on the Lord.

It seems that a lot of what is going on in Haggai, is happening right here at HWT.  Peole are being stirred.  That's why it is so much more to do to be prepared.  We need to continue to seek His face, trust and believe, with all our hearts, the Vision for our church will come to pass.  We need to start calling those things that be not as though they were.  We need to start calling those things that be not as though they were.  We need to allow God to continue to stretch us in every area.  If we could catch the vision.  WOW!  We would be Halfway there!

"It's time! It's time to move forward, it's time to stop playing church and be the church.  It's time for my people to be healed-- to be set free.  It's time for them to understand true freedom-- to experience true freedom.  Come and taste and see that I AM God and I AM the Healer and I AM the Provider.  Taste and see that I AM Jehovah.  There is a cleaning out that is taking place.  I AM cleaning out the rubbish and making room for MY Bride to go forth.  To go forth and proclaim freedom... proclaim healing...proclaim deliverance...Proclaim that I AM God."


Celebrate the presence of the Lord!
Celebrate His coming!
Celebrate the Bride adorned for her Groom!
Celebrate the beginning of something New and Fresh.
Celebrate Freedom!
Celebrate Love for one another!
Celebrate eternal Life that has been given.

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