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About Pastors Charles and Evon Stoker

Charles W. Stoker is the Senior Pastor of Hi-Way Tabernacle Assembly of God Church in Cleveland, Texas. Pastor Stoker is a fourth-generation Pentecostal with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. Charles and his wife Evon have travel extensively throughout the United States in ministry.

Pastor Stoker has not only functioned as Pastor for almost 20 years, but also as an Evangelist, Teacher, Prophet, and Apostle. His primary calling is that of Pastor-Evangelist. The Webster Dictionary defines the word "stoker" as "one employed to tend a furnace and supply it with fuel". Pastor Stoker's style and anointing is a perfect match to his name.

He has been and continues to be used of God to both spark and fuel the fires of revival. But more importantly, he has a deep hunger for God and is an avid student of the Word. Pastor Stoker can be seen on SkyAngel Channel 9701 and Dish Network Channel 262; every MONDAY MORNING at 4:00AM and FRIDAY MORNING at 7:30AM. For more information about his broadcast visit the Kindle the Fire page.

Charles and Evon reside in Southeast Texas with their youngest daughter, Danielle. Their oldest daughter, Deana married Jeremy Hardy and they now have a daughter named Lyric. They reside in Cleveland and work with the Stokers in ministry at Hi-Way Tabernacle.

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